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Stain & Seal Experts Deck Stain & Sealers are perfect for Western Red Cedar, Treated Pine, Redwood, and some hardwood fencing and decking.  Created with high quality pigments our stains highlight the beauty of your wood and withstand the sun's harmful UV rays, sheds water, and maintains color through years of abuse.  Our formulas are created with non drying oils and conditioners that penetrate deep into the wood to nurture the wood from the inside out, our proprietary nano sealers and pigments penetrate the top layers of wood to create a barrier that will protect your wood for years to come.  All while maintaining ultra low VOC levels, that means it is healthier for the environment and your family.  (A high VOC stain can gas off carcinogens into your backyard for months, VOC's are deadly when inhaled).  Thats why Stain & Seal Experts is the stain company of the future.

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Deck Stain & Sealer | Semi Transparent | Color Options
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