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Have you ever been broke, felt like you were meant for something more in life, wanted to be your own boss, wanted more stability and security for your family? I know I sure have...
The Staining Business changed my life and gave me all of those things but it took me 10 years to figure most of it out. This prompted me to put together this Staining 101 guide which answers many of the questions I had early on in my staining career. 
This book covers the various opportunities available to you in the wood care field, how to bid fence staining, deck staining and wood restoration jobs, the tools you need, the stains and cleaning chemicals you need, and how to sell and market your staining services.  This E-Book is my gift to you, if you are serious about the staining business you must get this book.
My goal is to help others succeed, please don't hesitate to reach out directly to me or anyone here at Stain & Seal Experts.  We are here to serve.
Click the link below for the E-Book, there is no cost to you and no strings attached.  This is the same book we teach our Staining University live events with, click the link.
Caleb Roth 
Stain & Seal Experts