DIY Reclaimed Wall Planks

100% Solid Redwood

Easy To Install

No matter which installation method you choose, with Rewoodd’s precision planing to 1/10,000” you can be sure of a perfect fit and easy installation.


Safe - We test for over 80 hazardous chemicals falling well within federal guidelines.

Easy-to-Install - Every plank is precision milled to within 1/10,000 of an inch to ensure an exact fit, level placement and strong adhesion.

Two installation options - Peel & Stick (indoor) or Tongue & Groove (indoor or outdoor), both offer a solid redwood solution for any project.

Superior Quality - After hand selecting all our redwood we perform eleven rigorous inspections to ensure you will enjoy your Rewoodd project now and for years to come.

Authentic and Unique - Every Rewoodd plank is certified Redwood, primarily old-growth. Offering a timeless, unique and durable result. No two projects alike. No man-made designs.

Let Us Help You With Your Project

Before you begin your project take a tour of our gallery for inspiration or visit our FAQ page. Still have questions? Send us an email, we're here to help! Rewoodd reclaims old-growth redwood planks for the most unique and affordable accent walls and projects. All Rewoodd is naturally aged, NOT new wood distressed to look old, so it’s eco-friendly. We offer four different styles of reclaimed redwood to fit your color and style. Timeless & Beautiful, define your space with Rewoodd, It's easy Going Green!


Our reclaimed wood comes from fallen redwood structures that have stood the test of time.
Each board is unique and tells it's own story. After all we've done to repurpose it, it is now time for you to write the next chapter.
Each piece of wood is carefully reclaimed in our Northern California facility. We are dedicated to our craft and our community.

Helpful Tips

Calculate Square Footage - Measure wall height (feet) x width (feet). This will give you your “total square footage”. Measure for any closets, doors, windows, etc. and subtract from the total. (Add 10% more square footage for any insulation cut off‘s.)

Level - Make sure your first board is perfectly level before applying additional planks. We suggest starting at the top left using your longest board first.

Consider - an extra box for overage or more design options, many folks mix Natural w/ Bella colours.

Get creative - Traditional layouts are horizontal and vertical (remember to stagger your seams.) Herringbone & Chevron are also wildly popular.

Indoor/ Outdoor - Tongue and Groove Indoor only: Peel & Stick.