Keep your Wood’s Natural Components and Grain with oil-based Stains and Sealants

Your wooden projects are exposed to all types of elements such as rain, hail, snow, wind and sun throughout the year that has a damaging effect and diminishes their life. Moisture from rain, snow and ice is a big enemy of wood that makes it vulnerable to all sorts of damages over a period of time, and you may not be able to use your wooden items for long. Pressure-treated wood should be used for your fences and decks in Nashville but staining and sealing is also equally important as it provides a protective coating to it and extends it life for longer use.

Wood restoration products such as stains and sealants used by the trusted fence staining company are increasingly been used by commercial and residential projects in Nashville, Tennessee to get long-term value while preserving the aesthetic appeal. Staining by experts not only brings out color and style of grain but also seals the wood properly to prevent any harm by the elements or the sun’s UV rays.

Stains with a finishing touch

The paraffin mineral oil used in our oil-based stains and sealants is of the highest quality. They are of commercial grade that offer a higher level of protection to your wooden projects in Nashville. That doesn’t mean you cannot use them at your home. The stains by the reputed stain manufacturers Nashville can as effectively be used at home as they are easy to apply and competitively priced. They consist of dyes and pigments mixed with mineral spirits. However, as stain only provides color, not finish, finishing on top of the stained wood is needed. If time is short, go for a product that combines both stain and finish in one coat.

Our top-quality stains not only allow the natural components such as knots and color changes to show through but also enhance the life of your wooden items by protecting them from the harsh weather elements and harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Liberal coast of stain can be applied to hide the natural components of the wood, if you wish to.

Wood restoration products and services

At Stain and Seal Experts, we offer wood restoration products for your wooden projects in Nashville that are eco-friendly and solvent-free to last longer. Our experts use the latest tools and techniques for wood staining and sealing, and have years of experience to meet a variety of customer needs.  Our oil-based stains are soaked deep into the wood to protect it from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, winter cold and heavy rains. The stains enhance the durability of your wood by keeping away termites and insects that love to feast on fresh wood.

Painting or staining?

The wood can be painted over as well, however, staining is considered a better option for many reasons. Paint coats only the top of the wood while stain penetrates it and preserves it natural look and grain, which is not possible with paint. Stain does not require as many coats but may require more coats if the wood is highly absorbent. The best deck and fence stain also has a faster drying time. Unlike paint, stain maintains the natural look and esthetics of your wooden items. It performs better in heavy foot traffic areas such as deck and stair than paint does. Stain provides a matte look to your wooden projects while paint comes in different sheens. Paint peeling requires extensive scrapping while the stain wears away gradually.

Safe staining products to use around your family

Our stains and seals penetrate deep into the wood and offer long-lasting protection to your outdoor wooden projects and indoor furniture in Nashville including fences and decks. The stains and seals used by Stain & Seal Experts, the trusted fence and deck staining company, are safe to use around your family as they do not give off harmful gases during the hot summer days in Nashville.  As the products are safe to use, they can be used for your home’s interiors as well.