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At Stain & Seal Experts, we design and test our products in the real world - on the same decks and fences you work on every day. Our products Make a real impact, With a real easy application, Providing real performance, for a real good stain job. Real Good Stain.

Caleb Roth- Founder / CEO

Stain & Seal Experts

At Stain & Seal Experts, we create a different kind of stain product - a friendlier stain. Our Stains address the big issues facing staining professionals, and homeowners - Protect the beauty and longevity of wood without compromising the environment, or personal health.

It all starts with high-quality pigments and pure oil. We know solvents are dangerous. They cause chemical burns on skin, melt through PPE, and can cause cancer if inhaled or absorbed through skin. They continue to evaporate, or gas off into the atmosphere, long after the stain job is complete. And yet most stain formulas contain solvent levels of 35% to 70%. Stain & Seal Experts believe a real good stain should do better - be better - create safe spaces - an overall healthier environment we can all enjoy year-round. Our stains not only use high-quality pigments but a binding system that can be suspended in pure oil, without harmful solvents. Most of our products contain less than 1% solvent.

Now that is real good stain and real good news.

How to stain a wood fence or deck

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Making Real Impact

Doing Real Good

Real Impact- Ultra Low VOC

Real Easy Application- No Back brushing, no runs, no lap marks

Real Good Performance- Beautiful, Long Life and Easy Maintenance


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