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Restorative Wood Products

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Restorative Wood Products

Fence & Deck Stains

Our most popular product line.  These stains protect your investment while enhancing the natural beauty of your wood.  Perfect for Fences, Decks, , Pergolas, Patio Covers, Siding, Shiplap and Cabins...

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POSTSAVER for Fence & Gate Post.

20 Year Guarantee

Millions Sold 

Low Cost- From $2.59 EA

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Wood Restoration Products, wood cleaners, strippers and brighteners.

Wood Restoration Products

Our go to Wood Restoration cleaners, strippers, brighteners and famous degreaser.  we use these daily on our clients fence and deck restoration projects here in Nashville.

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Transparent Stain & Sealer

Our most popular product line.  These stains protect your investment while enhancing the natural beauty of your wood.  Perfect for Fences, Siding, Shiplap. Cabins...

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Semi Transparent Stain & Sealer

A powerful stain that can breathe new life into old worn fences, cabins, log homes and siding.  A great choice for restorations!

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Deck Stain & Sealer

A new generation of deck stains that protect flat surfaces from UV rays, water and foot traffic.  The new standard for deck coatings...

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I have to say if you are not using this stain you are missing out! 

It doesn't stink, It cleans up super easy, not one clog or spit from the airless, I poured all the stain into an empty bucket to see the solids on the bottom.  almost nothing there, they are all suspended in the oil.

Garry Smith- Pro Seal Restoration

WOW- This stain has such a rich color, the customer LOVES it!  I will be using your stain exclusively and moving away from other brands.  

COLOR- Very rich even after it dries.  ODOR- Minimal and I don't have a headache at the end of the day like I get with other brands.  Because it's thicker it doesn't splash near as bad when using a brush or stain mitt.  Cleans up so much easier when you drip or get overspray on siding or concrete.  Pigments stay mixed for much longer periods compared to other brands.

Chip Howard- Soft Wash Solutions

After using Stain & Seal Experts stain for the first time I can say that hands down it's the best I've used in 6 years of staining.  It far out performs the other two major brands I've always used in ease of spraying, coverage and clean up.  We got a little bit on some pavers we hadn't wet down yet and it came up quickly with soap and water.  SSE has a great product!

Scott Darrow- Riverside Staining

Eco-Friendly, Non-Carcinogenic, Easy to Apply, and Premium Quality Made to Last! 

Stain & Seal Experts Fence & Deck Stains are commercial grade oil based stains & sealers for the next generation -- premium quality stains and sealers that last without containing harmful carcinogenic solvents.  

We found that most other stains and sealers in the marketplace use low quality paint pigments which require solvents which simply do not pass the test of time and are harmful to the environment and your health.  A high VOC stain can gas-off carcinogens into your backyard for months. VOCs are deadly when inhaled.  

Now, more than ever, people want a product that lasts that will do no harm to the environment or their health.  

Stain & Seal Experts Fence & Deck Stains are formulated to fill that need in the marketplace. That is why Stain & Seal Experts is the new standard in wood finishes.

We use high-quality automotive-grade pigments, a new generation of state of the art sealers, mildewcides and UV inhibitors to protect your investment.  Our stains are made with a 100% paraffin oil base which is the best and safest way to preserve wood.

Our eco-friendly low VOC stains never gas-off in your backyard near your family, they are easy to clean up, and they provide a superior level of protection without the harmful side effects.  

And we do all of this WITHOUT carcinogenic solvents.

When you use our stains and sealers, you will get premium quality while maintaining ultra low VOC levels which is healthier for the environment and your family.

Our stains are easy to apply, never streak, run, or leave lap marks... making our stains truly the easiest to apply in the market.  

Stain & Seal Experts stains are made for contractors, however, they’re so easy to use, anyone can apply them like an expert. That is why we are trusted by thousands of homeowners and contractors alike.

Our stains can be used on fencing, decking, pergolas, siding, log cabins, and interior tongue and groove and wood restoration applications.  Our stains are also great for pre-finishing and pre-staining your lumber, because when you use our stain, boards can be stacked while stain is still wet.