EXPERT Stain & Seal | Semi-Transparent Wood Stain & Sealer

Size: 1 Gallon Pails
Color: Chestnut
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Our Semi-Transparent Wood Stain & Sealers are perfect for Western Red Cedar, Treated Pine, Redwood and other wood species. Semi-Transparent stains are designed to highlight the natural beauty of the wood you apply it to while covering slight imperfections. Created with a high amount of trans oxide pigments our Semi-Transparent stains will withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays, shed water, and withstand abuse while maintaining their color for years. Our formulas are created with non drying oils and conditioners that penetrate deep to nurture wood from the inside out. Our proprietary stain and seal formula creates a barrier that will protect your wood for years to come, preventing warpage, cracking and twisting.  All while maintaining ultra low VOC levels, that means it is healthier for the environment and your family. (A high VOC stain can gas off carcinogens into your backyard for months, VOC’s are deadly when inhaled). That’s why EXPERT is the stain company of the future.

EXPERT Stain & Sealer is a high solids, deep penetrating stain formula. Backed by a two year manufacturers warranty. Our stains are easy to apply, non-filming, and never streak, run or leave lap marks. Trusted by thousands of homeowners and contractors alike.

Semi-Transparent colors are recommended for use on wood fences, pergolas, gazebos, siding, and outdoor vertical wood surfaces. It can be applied to new or aged wood, pressure treated wood, and any wood previously stained with a similar oil based product.






Wood stains today are required to meet the environmental standard of lower volatile organic compounds. Linked to pollution, smog and respiratory problems, VOCs also cause headaches and dizziness.  Some may even be carcinogenic. Some of the nation’s top stains in the industry today just meet this environmental standard.


Maintain wood’s beauty and integrity with ultra-low VOC oil-based stains from EXPERT. Stain professionals’ and homeowners’ real peace-of-mind comes from knowing that exterior wood projects, and their immediate and global environments are safeguarded against higher off gas levels, keeping them beautifully protected during and after application, for up to three years. 

EXPERT Stain & Seal is made by experts for experts, and the homeowners who demand and expect real results. 





1 Gallon Pail

5 Gallon Pail

Pails per Pallet

120 48

Pail Weight

8 lbs. 40 lbs.

Pallet Dimensions

42” W x 48” D x 54” H 42” W x 48” D x 66” H


Experience the real goods with EXPERT ™ Stain & Seal.

Coverage Rates

Coverage rate for most projects will be:
125-150 square feet per gallon on rough cut lumber projects
175-200 square feet per gallon on smooth cut lumber projects

Application Method

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Ask a Question
  • Will this stain attract any kind of fungus or mildew since its oil based ?

    There aren't any fungus or mildew that are able to survive on paraffinic oil. 

    Mildew require warmth and moisture (water) to survive. Our penetrating oil is mildew resistant as long as you keep an eye on the shaded, slow to dry portions of your fence and maintain with wood cleaner.

  • Can the stain and seal be applied in the sun?

    Expert Professional Wood Care Stain & Seal can be applied in the heat of the sun or the cool of the winter! Just make sure to properly prepare the fence or deck surface prior to staining. 

    Got more questions? Call us!

  • On new cedar decking what is the process for mill glaze and how many coats?

    Hi Mark,

    On new cedar decking we would recommend using the eco-cleaner to clean any debris and mill glaze from the surface of the wood. After it dries, you should only need one coat. New decking should use a transparent or semi-transparent due to smoother surface characteristics.

    Remember to make sure the decking or fencing is dry before staining. Use a moisture meter to confirm less than 13% water content.

    Thanks and for any other questions call us at (615) 785-1861

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Jesus Reyna
RGV Fence and Stain Experts

Excellent product and sales staff.

Csilla Bick
Semi transparent stain

I’m very satisfied with the product.

mary pitre
Great stain

Easy to apply. Rich color ,easy clean up

Jim Kelleher
Pressure Treated 3 cord woodshed. Chestnut Semi-T

I put Chestnut Semi-Transparent on fairly new kiln dried pressure-treated pine. I used a deck brightener cleaner prior to open pores given the wood was newly milled. First time using an oil based stain like this. Brushed it on with a 4 inch "Stainer" brush, which worked great. One flood coat. Stain is easy to work with as it does not dry quick on you and so you have plenty of time to back-stroke while flooding it and let the wood have time to absorb, then wipe off if any excess after awhile.
I had one problem and was very impressed on resolution. A Stain & Seal Expert representative reached out via email prior to my stain arriving...he wanted to check in with me as a new customer to make sure I had a good experience. He answered some key questions I had. My Fedex ground shipment subsequently got held up for some days (issue) and I contacted Fedex and the S&S Expert rep and within an hour Stain and Seal Experts sent another 5 gallon drum of stain out via Fedex 2 day express on their dime. I was thankful for that as I had a mint stretch of staining weather that I realized and had a need to get the project done. So far, in the bright sun the color shows a bit orangy with the yellow PT underneath a brown/reddish chestnut, but in the shade it seems more red. Still drying. See pics.
Product does not smell. Not irritating. Comforting that it's low or no VOCs. I just finished my project and it looks great. I'll plan on using this company going forward. They earned it.

Steve Koberstein
Semi transparents

I've been using SSE Stain & Seal Experts products exclusively now for 3 year's.
Couldn't be happier with any of the products themselves or the company itself.
The products, company, service, shipping and transportation are all top tier.

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